21 March 2019, News

Christopher Wünsche as keynote speaker at the Brand Day in Stuttgart

At the Brand Day on 21 March 2019 in the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, hosted by Monotype, numerous agencies and brand experts presented current projects and insights on brand management with a focus on mobility. Christopher Wünsche, founder and Managing Partner of Truffle Bay, opened the event with his keynote speech on »The turning point in urban mobility«.

Based on the thesis that today's mobility cannot be tomorrow's mobility, Christopher Wünsche highlighted in particular the current developments in the automotive industry – the increasingly critical social attitude towards automobility as a whole, the self-confident appearance of Sixt with its new integrated mobility offering, and the efforts of public transport providers to also offer integrated, intermodal mobility solutions, such as for example, the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe with their new Jelbi brand, but above all the remarkably far-reaching alliance between BMW and Daimler with the new »Now« brand family and also with regard to autonomous driving.

From a brand perspective, the transformation from a manufacturer of vehicles to a provider of individual and, in the medium term, autonomous mobility has a fundamental influence on the established manufacturer brands. Customer needs and decision drivers, the role of manufacturers in value creation, the necessary core competences for a successful future, and the fundamental logic of competition are changing radically and permanently – and thus pose enormous challenges for long-standing successful business models. Cooperations such as the one between BMW and Daimler can make sense here in order to face the massive competition from Asia, from neighbouring industries – who knows when Amazon will also discover the mobility market?! – and new mobility concepts such as air taxis and the like. However, from a brand and corporate culture point of view, such comprehensive cooperations with simultaneous competition (»frenemies«) are of course anything but an easy task. Preserving one's own identity, both the brand identity and the cultural identity as an organization, will be crucial in order not to jeopardize brand capital that has been built up over decades within the framework of such a joint venture – the most difficult form of cooperation.

BrandDay Monotype 2019, Stuttgart

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