Dussmann – new brand appearance as expression of entrepreneurial change

Dussmann, the largest division of the Dussmann Group, has evolved since its foundation some 60 years ago from a German cleaning company into an international solution provider with three service areas: Facility Management, Food Services and Technical Solutions – with almost 60,000 employees in 21 countries. The new brand appearance underlines this further developed portfolio of services and reflects the strategic realignment of the familyowned company with a streamlined and confident new look. 

Together with the Dussmann marketing and communications team and with the intensive involvement of the international top management, Truffle Bay developed a brand architecture that corresponds to the new service structure of the company, in which the new operative brand »Dussmann« plays the main role. In addition, a superordinate future-oriented brand identity with purpose, brand values and an emotional brand promise was developed and transferred into a modern corporate design.

The new brand is intended to serve as a motivating and connecting means of identification for the people at Dussmann and to convince clients of the services offered by Dussmann through relevance and credibility.

»In 2020, Truffle Bay successfully won a pitch for the realignment of the Dussmann brand. Since then, our Group Communications team has been working very closely and trustfully with Truffle Bay in the areas of brand strategy, brand identity and purpose, as well as brand design.

We recently presented the repositioned and visually modernized Dussmann brand both internally and externally. The reactions from managers, staff and clients were overwhelmingly positive.

The Truffle Bay team provided us with excellent advice both as brand strategists and as a creative design team.«

Wolf-Dieter Adlhoch, CEO Dussmann Group


»We care for more«

A new brand identity forms the strategic foundation for the new overarching brand Dussmann, which combines the previously separate brands Dussmann Service and Dussmann Technical Solutions. The brand promise »We care for more«, which is sharpened, internationally uniform and also used as an external claim, sums up the overriding purpose of the company: »We care for people and their living and working spaces – in order to enrich their lives and make them easier«.

The brand promise is deliberately kept open, because this »more« can take many forms and be filled with concrete content both internally and externally – be it more solutions, more sustainability, more efficiency, more team spirit, more diversity or more individual and joint development opportunities. On the one hand, the accompanying brand values originate from the strengths of the company identified in the cultural analysis and from the spirit of its visionary founder Peter Dussmann, and on the other hand, they set targeted impulses to mobilise the organization in the sense of the realignment.



The brand values set the pace

The new Dussmann corporate design system is consistently derived from the positioning and the brand architecture. In particular, the clear, open design language of the word mark, enriched with emotional details, conveys the values »Progressive«, »Perfect fit« and »Personal« and forms the basis for the other design elements and layout principles.

The version of Pluto Condensed adapted exclusively for Dussmann by HvD Fonts combines linear, geometric forms with curved elements and thus unites precise and emotional facets – for an expressive and characteristic typographic brand impression in line with the brand identity.

Dussmann logo facility management
Dussmann logo food services
Dussmann logo technical solutions
Dussmann design shape


Dussmann is red – but also turquoise, green and blue

Dussmann has always been a red brand. This does not change after the rebranding. However, the shade of red has been adapted and modernized, and its use has been made more flexible. To differentiate, the service areas Facility Management, Food Services and Technical Solutions have each been given their own exclusive accent colour.

The accent colour is used in the logo combination, but is also used in many other places in the layout, e.g. in the typography or in the design elements, such as the concise rounded Dussmann shape. The accent colours are also used in the bright, friendly and authentic visual language for the assignment to the service areas. 

Dussmann typography
Dussmann typography

Concept and storyboard: TRUFFLE BAY; implementation: wob AG


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