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In the digital age, where information is abundant but attention is scarce, developing an engaging and efficient online brand portal can be a game changer for businesses and the delivery of an impactful brand experience. Through the combined use of Google Sites and Google Drive, Truffle Bay has developed a simple, license-free yet user-friendly solution for its clients Bürklin and Keyture. With intuitive navigation, UX optimized for mobile use, a wide range of multimedia content and a linked DAM, the portals cover all the basic requirements of a contemporary brand platform. Find out more about the added value for brands and how a broad user group benefits from structure, dramaturgy, technology and accessibility.

Tailor-made to meet individual needs:
The user-centered approach

At the heart of both portals is a deep understanding of individual user journeys. The content dramaturgy of these portals is carefully tailored to the different needs of a broad stakeholder group. At the beginning, users are emotionally introduced to topics. Here they not only receive important information, but also a broad basic understanding of the brand and the key parameters. This approach ensures that stakeholders from different departments understand the identity of the brand and get a feel for tonality, looks and applications.

The deeper the user goes, the more detailed the content becomes, enabling users to evaluate and develop implementations into briefs. This structure is particularly useful for teams who want to dive into the specifics of brand strategy and brand development. The combination of emotional brand aspects and detailed insights ensures that the portals cover a wide range of needs, from training new employees to supporting the creation of targeted marketing campaigns.

Integrative connection to Google Drive

A smart feature of the brand portals is their seamless integration with Google Drive. This familiar environment for managing assets and data makes it incredibly easy for users to find, download and use brand assets. Whether it's logos, brand guidelines or multimedia content, everything is easily accessible and supports working towards a cohesive brand experience.

Moreover, the inclusion of organic search functionality means that users can effortlessly locate the information or assets they need. This function is important when it comes to accessing the required content quickly and easily.

Conclusion: simple, smart, fully comprehensive brand portals

Truffle Bay's innovative approach to developing online brand portals for Bürklin and Keyture highlights the importance of user-centric design, seamless integration, and sustainable brand management. By leveraging modern technology and understanding the needs of their clients, Truffle Bay has set a new standard for how brand portals should function.

As we look to the future, it's clear that the ability to provide a comprehensive, engaging, and easily navigable brand portal will become increasingly important. Brands that wish to stay ahead must consider how they can leverage technologies like Google Sites and Google Drive to enhance their brand strategy and implementation efforts. Truffle Bay's work with Bürklin and Keyture offers a blueprint for success in this area, demonstrating that with the right approach, brand portals can be a powerful tool in building and maintaining a strong, cohesive brand identity.

For brands looking to innovate their digital presence, focusing on user experience, seamless asset management, and empowering their teams through intuitive CMS platforms are key steps toward achieving a dynamic and sustainable brand strategy.

Truffle Bay is an owner-managed, integrated strategic brand consulting and design agency based in Munich. With clarity and creativity we help ambitious companies and entrepreneurs to discover, define, design and bring to life their unique identity – to create strong brands as the compass and catalyst of entrepreneurial change processes as well as attractive and differentiating brand experiences to win and retain customers and employees.

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