17 January 2022, Press release

»Marke macht’s möglich« – a book about brand management in transformation processes

Mergers, spin-offs, a new market focus or reputational issues – companies today have to manage a wide variety of transformation processes again and again. In their book, Truffle Bay Managing Partners Christopher Wünsche and Sebastian May use practical examples to show how important and powerful the corporate brand can be as an enabler of successful transformation.

In their book entitled »Marke macht’s möglich« (Branding makes it possible), Christopher Wünsche and Sebastian May discuss current areas of tension within companies between continuity and the need for change in a total of 14 chapters. Within this framework, the two Managing Partners of the Munich-based brand consultancy and design agency Truffle Bay outline what makes corporate branding different from product branding and what it can achieve as an instrument for the CEO in transformation processes. Central questions to be considered include which branding options CEOs have when a company merges with another or when a part of the company is to be sold or taken public. Or how it is possible to depict the essence of a corporate strategy in a corporate brand in such a way that it is understood by employees, customers and stakeholders as a long-term orientation.

»Brand management in transformation processes requires expertise in three disciplines at once – branding, change management and internal and external corporate communications,« Christopher Wünsche summarizes. »Condensing, explaining, communicating are required to provide orientation and generate momentum in change and thus use the brand as a compass and catalyst of change.« In this sense, the authors show in the detailed practical section of the book how targeted branding can significantly and positively support various transformation scenarios or even make these changes possible in the first place, using concrete examples such as Bilfinger, Vonovia, Ledvance or Audi. In this context, top executives from the corporate side, such as Christina Johansson, CEO of Bilfinger, Audi’s Head of Brand Henrik Wenders, Klaus Markus, Head of Communications at Europe's leading real estate group Vonovia, Dr Jochen Keysberg, CEO of Apleona, or Sabine Schmittwilken, who was responsible for implementing the transformation at innogy, contribute their views.

A guidebook for brand-driven transformation - by practitioners for practitioners

With this book, Wünsche and May provide an insight into various transformation projects that Truffle Bay has been able to realize together with their clients in recent years. But also, from the authors’ point of view, other excellent projects by third parties, such as Merck or Audi, are portrayed with first-hand interviews. The aim: to show by concrete example what corporate brands could and can achieve in the respective context. »For us, the brand is an enabler of transformation and with the book we want to raise awareness for exactly this,« explains Sebastian May. »Because we still have the impression that for many companies and company leaders, the value of their own brand is not yet fully recognized and used accordingly. In times of permanent and profound change, it is just as much about the positioning in the market as it is about strengthening the identification among employees.« In this sense, the book is aimed at all those interested in brands, but above all at decision-makers who have to realign a company. »With this book, we are looking at brands in transformation processes – and quite deliberately from the perspective of the people at the top,« says Christopher Wünsche, for whom the practical relevance of »Marke macht’s möglich« is particularly important. »The book is worth reading above all because it is not a theoretical work, but a book by practitioners for practitioners.«

The book is published (at the moment only in German) by Wiley and available everywhere in stationary and digital bookstores. The authors welcome feedback.

Learn more here: Marke macht’s möglich


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