planqc – Contemporary design for a cutting-edge technology

planqc – modern Design for a startup

planqc, a spin-off of the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics, is an innovative start-up for quantum computing and the first company to emerge from the ambitious »Munich Quantum Valley« initiative. The team of scientists has set itself the task of developing quantum computers that will take on the corresponding competing developments from Google and IBM in the race for the best quantum technology. In doing so, planqc relies on a completely different technological approach than the American tech giants: atoms and laser beams instead of superconducting chips.

As a revolutionary technology of the future, quantum computers, which can perform highly complex computational tasks in dramatically less time than conventional computers, promise both major scientific breakthroughs and completely new possibilities in industrial fields of application.

Truffle Bay developed the entire corporate design for planqc with the intention of visually representing the complex underlying technology in a clear, striking and tangible way.

PlanQC GmbH, Garching b. München


planqc logo gradient violet


»Atomic Design« in the logo

A laser network with atoms (qubits), which is used in quantum computers from planqc, served as inspiration for the logo. The simultaneity of the various qubit states and the associated dynamics are reflected in abstract form in the figurative mark.

The design language is emphatically precise and makes the high complexity of quantum computers easier to understand for the viewer. In combination with the straightforward and modern word mark, planqc blends into the scientific-technological context in a clear and future-oriented way.


Rydberg atoms (image planqc)


Quantum gas microscope (image planqc

planqc logo design grid
planqc atoms qubits logo design
planqc logo gradient white
planqc logo gradient white
planqc logo violet
planqc logo black


The corporate design visualizes the unique technology

The brand's color scheme picks up on the colors of the lasers used in the blue-purple spectrum on the one hand, and on the other hand helps planqc to stand out visually from the competition. In addition to the static brand colors of violet, blue and pink, the flowing combination of colors in the form of a gradient underscores the way quantum technology works. The states are fluid and at the same time convey the feeling of speed – one of the central added values of quantum computing.

Complementing this, the variable font Mulish as the new corporate font also echoes the idea of different states. With its straightforward modern design language and subtle details, it provides the space for both scientific professionalism and contemporary and appealing typographic communication.

planqc typography
planqc typography

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