Serways – Brand refresh for Germany's leading motorway service station brand

The Bonn-based Tank & Rast Group with its two service station brands »Serways« and »Tank & Rast« is the leading supplier of gastronomy, retail, hotels, fuel and sanitary facilities along the motorways in Germany. Over 400 service stations throughout Germany enable around 500 million motorway travellers a year to take a pleasant break – usually 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. More than half of these service stations are operated under the Serways brand, which, 15 years after its introduction, is already counted among Germany's »brands of the century«.

Introduced as a brand for service stations with special customer orientation and service quality for »the best on the highway«, there was a need for optimization and modernization of the visual appearance, especially with regard to the requirements of digital communication channels. Also the brand positioning had to be sharpened in order to be able to compete in the midst of strong, clearly positioned brands, especially in the gastronomy and filling station environment, and to provide a clear and unique added value in the perception of customers.

Truffle Bay was therefore commissioned to first formulate a relevant and credible brand positioning on the basis of which the brand could develop a clear and attractive profile. In addition, the brand design had to be modernized and transferred to the entire analog and digital experience chain – in order to recharge the brand in terms of content and emotion and to consistently convey the high quality standards.


The best host on the motorway

The positioning focuses on the new brand promise »A moment to recharge«. Because »recharging« is what a break is all about. The idea includes everything a traveller needs to be ready to continue on the motorway: from coffee and snacks to a wide range of food, from clean sanitary facilities to a filling station.

A good moment – for every guest, all over Germany. The length of the »moment« as well as the way it is used can be completely different for each individual. However, the aim is always the same: a break to recharge.

Serways positioning promise
Serways positioning attitude
Serways positioning performance
Serways positioning style


A striking update

The objective was to significantly modernize and enhance the brand look on the basis of the new brand positioning. The logo as an essential element of identity was therefore subjected to an evolutionary, yet immediately recognizable redesign. The original yellow-red elliptical logo was given a more contemporary look in terms of both color and shape. Not only does it now look more coherent, but it also enables an optimal, cross-media use of the logo – from large to small, from favicon to rooftop signage.

In addition, typefaces, color spectrum, imagery and pictograms have been extensively revised. In the interplay of clearer typography and new coloring, a significant improvement in readability and long-distance impact was achieved – a crucial requirement in the context of the motorway.

Serways Logo
Serways logo, coloured positive and negative
Serways Logo, black and white positive and negative
Serways Typography
Serways Colours
Serways Pictogram Grid
Serways pictograms negative red


Consistent in every moment

An individual »tile« system offers the possibility to combine logo, headline and other design elements with the different, striking color areas and thus ensures a high recognition value – even without having to show the logo permanently.

In communications, the various »break moments« of the guests are staged. The headline system combines the various added values of a break with the idea of the individual moment and charges it not only with content but also visually. And the bright, friendly and, above all, authentic-looking visual language developed for this purpose concentrates fully on the guests and their respective »break moments« through the targeted use of focus and blurring.

Serways Medien Poster
Serways media wall panel
Serways Media Pylon
Serways Media Flags
Serways Media Website Desktop View
Serways Media Website Mobile View


User-oriented website optimization

At the end of 2018, the website was also revised with a focus on the detailed pages of the individual locations. This is because an intensive tracking analysis confirms the main interest of the website users: finding information quickly and easily in order to plan the next trip. In a combination of automatically generated, location-specific and optional modules, an individual presentation of each individual service station is possible.

The »tile« principle is also used here. Each tile stands for a concrete service. Conceived as a modular system, each franchise partner can use it to help design »his« or »her« location presentation. Thanks to the responsive design, the pages are also optimized for every mobile device and thus the perfect travel companion.

Serways Website Design Location
Serways Website Design Location

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