Customer analysis

Only those who know their customers can satisfy them in a targeted manner and inspire them in the best case. But who are actually your customers – and who are not? Why do they like your brand and what bothers them? Which of your competitors do they also have in the relevant set? What are their needs and decision criteria, on which channels do they encounter your brand and what else is on their minds? Is your target group rather homogeneous or heterogeneous?

We help you to better understand your customers by asking them the right questions. We conduct customer interviews, workshops and surveys for you and can also offer ethnographic research approaches – supported by experienced market research professionals if required.


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Truffle Bay is an owner-managed, integrated strategic brand consulting and design agency based in Munich. With clarity and creativity we help ambitious companies and entrepreneurs to discover, define, design and bring to life their unique identity – to create strong brands as the compass and catalyst of entrepreneurial change processes as well as attractive and differentiating brand experiences to win and retain customers and employees.

Truffle Bay is a member of bvik – Bundesverband Industrie Kommunikation e.V.


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